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There has been plenty of speculation on climate change for many years now as well as the campaigning against the pollution that our energy sources produce. We have all heard about the harmful effects non-renewable energy has on nature, animals, the environment and the air we breathe.

There has therefore been a race to harness renewable energy sources and for many years we have known of energy such as wind power, hydro power and solar. However, until recently, these have been difficult to use effectively. The most powerful item most of us have used with solar power has probably been a calculator!

For years we have been warned about the harmful effects of global warming, and our growing need for energy is one of the biggest contributers.

One of the newest innovations that now brings this power to the domestic market with a real supply of decent levels of power, is solar panels. These are becoming increasingly popular as an option in residential housing to be used to heat hot water without the need for gas. In fact, simply searching “solar panels Shropshire” on Google alone will now bring up hundreds of websites that address the interest in the Shropshire area.

Solar panels in Shropshire and across Britain are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. Firstly, the sun offers an eco-friendly way to produce energy. Solar panels use rays from the sun which are then converted into power. This means that the hot water system is powered by a completely natural and renewable energy source, rather than relying on the traditional polluting energy sources such as gas and coal-driven power stations.

The second, and probably more popular reason, is the fact that once the solar panels are fitted, power is effectively free for life. There are no running costs and the solar panels will produce energy year round without ever issuing you any bills. With energy costs rapidly increasing and likely to continue doing so, the use of free renewable energy is becoming more and more appealing and more and more cost effective. The thought of never having a heating bill come through the door again is of course incredibly enticing.

A third benefit of solar panels is that they may actually increase the value of your home should you move. A house with solar panels can be worth 3-4% more than if it didn’t have any.

The fourth reason that people opt for solar panels in Shropshire and other counties is because they can actually work for you to generate an income. A lot of people are unaware of this little secret. The solar panels will not only generate the power you require for your own home, but if there is excess energy left at the end of it then this is fed back to the grid and you are actually paid for this excess power. Therefore, you are not only enjoying free power but even have the chance of earning out of it too! That is most certainly what we call a win-win situation!

Solar panels offer many benefits. As well as being environmentally friendly they offer a valuable way to cut the cost of your bills at a time when energy companies are charging more than ever. This, added to the fact that you could even generate an income by installing solar panels, means it’s hard not to see the appeal of utilising the sun’s energy.