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Solar panels are able to grab the sun’s energy, or solar energy, and transform the light, via photovoltaic cells or PV cells, into electricity which feeds the electrical circuits in your home to power your gadgets.

Solar electricity, produced by solar energy panels, is a sound and stable source of electricity which won’t cut out no matter how dull or overcast the weather.

Eelectric solar panels can work successfully only in the presence of sunlight so your appliances will only get the solar electricity during the daylight hours. Any solar electricity which hasn’t been utilised after this time is measured and then sent straight back to the grid, enabling you to achieve a minimal amount of money back from your electricity supplier for once.

The economic benefits of having solar electric panels installed really do speak for themselves, with uncapped, free electricity during the day and recompense for any unused electricity produced, a reduction on the bills from your local electricity supplier as you are only using their electricity at night and a possible grant from the government or your local authority towards having the solar panels installed..

With both the financial savings you could make and the fact that the solar electric panels are completely environmentally friendly it is well worth giving some thought to having solar energy panels installed. .However, there are a few points that you will need to bear in mind and that could potentially cause problems for installation so make sure you use a reputable company who will be able to assist and advice you on whether your property is suitable for solar electric panel installation.

The preferred solar panel installation company will send out a team of surveyors to access your property before installation. These surveyors will be looking for a couple of vital points, 1. whether your property has been constructed in a conservation area or is a listed building 2. whether your roof is in need of considerable repair or not dependable enough to support the solar energy panels and 3. whether your roof is completely blocked from sunlight through other buildings or large trees in the vicinity or is north facing. An expert from the solar panel installation company will be able to figure out the rate of sucess of installation and repair your roofing damage with the help of their team of experienced builders before installation if required..

Although south facing roofs are more likely to achieve 100% output solar electric panels for the home can be fitted to east and west facing roofs with very successful results and the great thing is there is no need to apply for planning permission except under very rare instances such as installation on a listed building..The cost of having electric solar panels installed very much depends on your roofing construction but again the surveyors will take all this into account when analyzing the installation fees. Don’t fail to remember that ,there’s a chance you’re qualified to receive a grant or funding to help towards the costs of the installation of the your solar power panels and if not you will still regain your very first outlay over the next few years anyway.

Electric solar panels requires only small amount of maintenance and, if fitted in the right way, shouldn’t cause any troubles.

Your solar electric panels includes a 5 year product guarantee, a 10 year guarantee of a 90% output and a 25 year guarantee of an 80% output.


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