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Recently there's been an awesome influx in the number of solar panels being installed on the roofs on dwellings across the UK. With plenty of appealing economic rewards and the clear benefits to the environment the prospect of a solar panel installation has ensured there's a great amount of interest of an increasingly large amount of people.

In spite of the interest, most people are tentative about taking any further steps into checking out the possibility of getting a solar panel installation on their homes. One of the major reasons for trepidation is concern with regards to whether their roof is capable of taking the panels, whether or not they need planning permission, and whether their roof is positioned to get the most of the suns energy! This article discusses some of the primary fears individuals have and provides a brief explanation into the realities of the issues in an attempt to allay their anxieties.

Can my roof top accommodate solar panels?

The most widespread concern prospective customers can have in terms of solar panel installations is whether or not their roof top will physically accommodate the solar panels. Normally, the majority of roofs should be able to support the panels since they are not especially weighty and the weight is distributed over a significant surface area. For anybody who is in doubt then a survey may perhaps be wise to be sure the roof is capable of carrying the weight. Before you panic about the potential cost of this type of survey, it will generally be the case that if you ask for a quote from a reputable solar panel installation company they will provide a survey for you cost-free. They'll then be able to let you know either whether there are no problems, or that some remedial or support work must be completed. In many cases the company should be able to organise this for you hassle free, and may even be included on the overall quote. Remember, the possible fiscal benefits of a solar panel installation at this moment in time can amount to around £1700 annually. Spending several hundred pounds in a one of transaction to reinforce the rooftop still means that you will overall receive a great return on investment.

Is my roof capable of making the most out of the suns energy?

Another issue lots of people have is whether their solar panel installation would generate sufficient energy. The most frequent myth is that only south facing rooftops can have solar panels. In reality, many rooftops which are not totally south facing can also make the most of the suns energy and produce solar electricity. The main problem in reality is whether there is anything shading the rooftop. The most prevalent culprit is large trees and chimneys which might decrease the level of direct light which could reach the panels. Anything limiting the amount of light will limit the efficiency of the panels, since the panels transform light energy into electricity.

Do I need planning permission for a solar panel installation?

With officious planning committees along with a seemingly indefinite selection of busy bodies all too happy to obstruct planning permission applications it's with welcome relief that i can tell you that the majority of domestic solar panel installations don’t require planning approval. Issues to be wary of include if your residence is listed or in a conservation area. In these instances then planning permission may be demanded. To find out whether your property comes within these categories you can do a local searches check, though almost all of you will already have a definite idea because this would have been exposed when you purchased your house. For larger industrial solar panels installations it is also very likely that planning permission will be required.